Legends of Runeterra November 14 Patch Notes

mrmostal 11/14/2019

This big update, with a little time left before the game, has been updated to a significant number of cards.


This is LoR's first champion renewal. Lux is now a symbolic character, but the champion didn't meet our standards in a number of ways: it was hard to build a deck around him, he didn't have a super deck of his own, and it was hard to realize the dream of blowing up your unfortunate enemies with a bunch of Final Sparks (a super event, visually too pity) .

Lux now falls more defensively in the later stages of the game, but it's easier to skip the level, and once it's jumped, it can take over. Final Spark is now used at a very affordable mana cost, ie flat FREE for a little reduction in power, and you get a Final Spark right away as soon as you level up and start the fireworks show.

On top of that you can now uncover two in a round, or even technically THREE Final Spark. We look forward to the videos. In summary, it will be very easy to get to the level of Lux and build decks on it and you should get attractive, satisfying results with the decks you have installed.

At the cost of the old mana, Garen's uses were somewhat limited. We tried to make it more flexible and able to enter more decks by reducing both the cost of mana and its qualities by one point.

We've increased the amount of life that Thresh has to remove and compensate for the old healing effect. It could be used in some very elegant moves, but it could have a very complex effect on the game, which was often nothing but infuriating the players. We also requested that both players be able to make moves on Thresh's level-jumping mission. That's why we've increased the level jump threshold, but now it's considered the death of units on both sides of the board.

Thresh players will now be able to embrace the Shadow Islands' gameplay "by killing my own units and taking advantage of their flesh and milk". The opponents will be more likely to kill Thresh without leveling up. Besides, Thresh doesn't look like a guy who doesn't care as long as someone dies. Finally, we have re-created The Box. We put aside the old design, which was narrow in use, and replaced it with Thresh's task and added a new option to the Shadow Islands' legendary mechanics.