Legends of Runeterra strongest decks!

mrmostal 1/28/2020

Legends of Runeterra, the new digital card game of Riot Games, has started a new era in digital card games. As far as we can see from our publications and experiences, we have researched and found the strongest decks of Legends of Runeterra for you. You can reach high levels with these decks!

DisguisedToast's Yasuo Stun Deck

The deck of the famous Hearthstone publisher DisguisedToast, which is a little salty, but almost impossible to defeat when played correctly, proceeds in a game-based game, especially based on protecting and leveling up Fiora. Fiora, after a certain point, begins to smash your opponents' weak units before they can get up.

Frostbite Control Deck

Legends of Runeterra is on our list of strongest decks, as the name suggests, a deck where you need to change your play style on field control. It takes a long time to get used to the deck, you have to play a lot of games against other decks in the meta and learn to match. After that, it becomes almost impossible to lose. Şükrü “Uthenera” Şentürk has also exceeded a 70% win rate in its publications with a deck close to this.

Mono Demacia

Demacia presents! In this deck, we play Garen, our only champion, to level up and send our weak units from the front and protect Garen. The deck, which is slightly cheaper than other decks, is actually a full price / performance deck. It is our biggest plus to be in control of the field again. You can also get the same advantage with decks in a similar game style with many different cards in many different combinations.

Let's see what else will be added and what kind of decks will enter the commodity until Legends of Runeterra is released. We eagerly await. You can pre-register the game at this address.