Top 5 Difference Between Hearthstone vs Legends of Runeterra

mrmostal 10/24/2019

Nowadays, the most popular card game Hearthstone is having a hard time. After the Magic, the card game Legends of Runeterra, which Riot is about to release, allows players to swap places.

When we look at this province of the game, naturally we find many similarities. But besides these similarities, there are huge differences.

Here are the 5 biggest differences between these two games.

5. Deck building

Legends of Runeterra cards consist of spells and units from different regions. When you start this game you must learn the region of the card you want to obtain, and then you must play by selecting that region. You can find out which cards belong to which regions on our Legends of Runeterra Cards page.

There are currently 6 regions in the game.

Demacia - Stand Together
Freljord - Frozen Fortitude
Ionia - Swift and Sure
Noxus - All Out Assault
Piltover & Zaun - Machinations and Mayhem
The Shadow Isles - Death and Sacrifice

When players activate a zone, they can earn bonus features and extra profits for that zone.

Hearthstone does not give you an extra chance to win a card. But it doesn't leave you to be bound to an area like Legends of Runeterra.

4. Pace of the game

When it's your turn in Hearthstone, you play your cards and make your attacks. Then your turn passes to your opponent. In Legends of Runeterra, you can even dress up when it's your turn.

3. Mana and Spell Mana

There is only one mana in Hearthstone, and when you use Spell or Unit, you spend it. Legends of Runeterra has two types of mana, both Spell mana and Unit mana. But from time to time these meanings can be turned into one another and can be used.

2. How cards deal damage

In Hearthstone, only certain cards can prevent damage to an opponent - any unit card in Runeterra Da can prevent damage to you or your opponent.

During defense, players can choose which cards they want to put in order to prevent damage to their Nexus (you can compare the Nexus concept to the health of a player in HS).

1. How spells work

Spells in Runeterra can have multiple effects, just like in Hearthstone. But there is a big difference in Runeterra. Spells have speeds, you can think of it as casting time. This is a feature that determines whether your opponent can react when the speed is magic.

There are 4 types of magic speed.

Burst: Quick spells without giving the opponent a chance to react. Players can cast these spells at any time.
Fast: Spells that can be played at any time and are very fast, but if your opponent has Fast or Burst spells, he can react to them.
Slow: Spells that can only be played in non-combat times and give the opponent any chance to respond.
Fleeting: As soon as you get this spell, you must use your turn, because when it is passed to your opponent it will disappear.